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Five beings, shadows and bodies, invade the suspended time of a natural landscape populated by works and projects created by other artists. The dancers interact with the installations, discovering in each one a secret part of themselves. In an unceasing stream of images and sounds spliced with moments of waiting and suspension, in the interplay between void and presence, glimpses and openings, a code of signs emerges from the dance and comes to life in this visual art creating another kind of story. Festival - Invideo '04 , Milan | Dance on Camera Film Festival, Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, New York |  Dance screen 2005, Brighton, GB | Roma Art Doc Fest |  Dance Camera West 2005, Los Angeles | 10th American Dance Festival Dancing for the Camera, Durham | Macro, Roma | Fabbricaeuropa 2005, Firenze | Frammenti di danza, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Roma | Frame 05, Porto | AsoloInternationalArtFestival (awards) | Moving Pictures, Toronto | Il Coreografo Elettronico 2005, Napoli (awards)
Concept and choreography Enzo Procopio | direction Luca Scarzella | music Michele Tadini | photography Pierluigi Maffei | editing Francesco Lupi Timini | Production Fondazione La Marrana
INVIDEO ’04 Festival, Milan.
September 2004
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