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Video, 20’, production StalkerVideo The video follows choreography interpreted according to the rules of Bharatanantyan,an ancient dance genre which originated in the rituals of the Hindu temples in southern India. Over the centuries Bharatanantyan has developed into a refined and systematic discipline that integrates mime, pure dance and intricate footwork. The video format works with slight shifts of time, spatial elaborations and other ‘discreet’ linguistic devices made possible by digital technology, shifting between rite and performance while researching the complex links between the dance, music and poetry typical of this genre of choreography.
Project Melina Mulas, Luca Scarzella | Dance Nuria Sala Grau | direction and editing Luca Scarzella | Photography Roberto Barbierato | Effects and Video compositing Anna Frigo.
INVIDEO ’05 Festival, Milan.
May 2005
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