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An astonishing twenty-metre row of screens gives shape to the video horizon on which images of contemporary urban landscape flow. The look follows the shot, and from sequence to sequence it plunges slowly down from satellite distances to material details. Maps and photographs are intertwined with short video sequences, moving from the territory and the lanscape towards the widespread town, place of  not places, where urbanization meets the country, up to the town boundaries, and then in the town itself among old and new, pedestrians and cars, green and concrete. From the town to buildings up to material details of architecture.
Exhibition project  Editoriale Lotus, Pierluigi Nicolini and Cerri & Associati |Video project studio  NO3!, StalkerVideo | Synchronized editing Francesco Lupi Timini/Stalkervideo, Milan
Complesso Monumentale di S. Sofia, Salerno
September 2005
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