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Totò il Buonoooo by D. Abbado Oil: Ken Saro-Wiwa poet and martyr by B. Stetka "... to continue this story-tale tells of Oil, Angels and Miracles". From Cesare Zavattini's distraught, fantastic, brilliant world to the contemporary drama of oil represented by the exterminating of Ogoni people. Three dates in sequences starting from Cesare Zavattini to the contemporary drama of Ogoni people, persecutee and exterminate, with the only fault of living on the biggest oil field of the Delta of Niger.
Director Daniele Abbado | Set Angelo Linzalata | Costumes Giada Palloni | Lights Guido Levi | Video direction Luca Scarzella | Video Editing and compositing Francesco Lupi Timini, Vinicio Bordin, Anna Frigo |
Teatro della Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia
April 2008
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